Balloon Exhibits

Creating a large-scale exhibit requires a passion for the art of twisting balloons.  A typical exhibit takes months of planning and preparation, a team of support staff, a crew of skilled and dedicated artists, an accommodating host location with sufficient space, and generous sponsors to provide the essential equipment and - of course - balloons!  Once all the logistics are in place, the heavy work (and sleepless nights) begin... usually just a few days before the scheduled opening of the exhibit.  This is the inherent nature of working with balloons - there are time constraints both in how early one can start the creative process and how long the results last once the exhibit opens.

Exhibits are a great way to attract public attention to your cause.  Balloons add movement and color, and the exhibits we create stretch the imagination of attendees.  Ed typically creates exhibits for worthy causes.  If you are considering a unique exhibit for your special event, contact Ed for details.