Balloon Fashion

Ed Chee was one of the pioneers in creating dresses with balloons.  His first dress, "Water" was introduced in Europe to wide acclaim for it's edgy styling and unique techniques used to create the outfit.  He continued to refine the techniques and created a wide variety of styles and themed designs over the next decade.  His "Reflections of Singapore" dress received rave reviews for its figure flattering design.  Over the years, his work was showcased in balloon fashion runway shows  in Vegas and he has been invited as a judge at several fashion runway shows.  

"Creating balloon dresses is an exercise in skill, patience and perseverance.  Each individual outfit takes about 12 hrs on average to construct, along with numerous hours planning, designing, and preparing for the actual construction.  Many have tried, some have succeeded, but few have managed to reach the level of excellence in the finished outfit that Ed Chee has achieved.  He truly is a master of his craft in this regard!"